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Lumpy Chrome Ore Data Sheet

Cr2O3 34 - 37 % typical range

SiO2 14.0

Cr/Fe 1.45

FeO 30.0

MgO 12.0

Al2O3 17.0

CaO 1.00

P 0.02

S 0.015



Approx 5 - 150mm. Typically 10% below and max 5% above at time of container loading. Not responsible for any generation of fines during transport.

All CHROME transactions - Procedures must please be adhered to:

  • Buyers sign NCNDA

  • We forward LAB Report to the Buyers

  • Buyers issue Proper LOI to the Mine / Sol TEch Solutions (PTY) LTD

  • Sellers (the mine) issue Contract and Invoice to the Sellers

  • Buyers sign Contract and Invoice - then Prove Funds (POF)

  • Viewing of Product at the mine -Buyers are welcome to do further Lab Tests to confirm the quality

  • Buyers Pay and lift the Chrome


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