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1 We as Sol Tech Solutions (PTY) LTD can offer you D500 as well as PP 50

2 Ex tank Durban and or Grid C [Watloo Langlaagte etc ]

3 Your price will be Contact Us Rand per litre Grid C and Contact Us Durban

4 We need  an order from you for 65,000,00 LITRE,S of D500 and  50 PPM respectively back by  Letter of credit MT 103 /Bank guarantee in favour of Sol Tech Soultions (PTY) LTD  that will activate with roll over,S for 12 months

5 Once funds is verify your  order will be place at the   Refinenery 

6 When ship is in clear waters a swap agreement will be activate  to ensure pick ups from various depots as request by you on you upliftment details

7 on arrival at Port Durban a dip test and pay will be done

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