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We as Sol Tech Solutions hold mandate to sell on behalf of certain mines who supply RBCT with its export coal, we however do all the work when it comes to getting the client what they need, once we have secured the cleint who is wanting to export RB coal we then hand them direct to the supply house which would be one of the leading export coal suppliers at RBCT, we also work hand in hand with our BEE contratcs that we have mandate to supply export quality coal which is held at RBCT it self. 






Coal delivered from the export terminals, Richards Bay in South Africa, will normally be a typical RB1 and RB3 quality. Contracts can be traded on fixed price or on an index-linked basis. (API4)


Typical Export Specifications

  RB1 RB3
CALORIFIC VALUE BASIS 6,000 kcal/kg NCV  5,500 kcal/kg NCV
CALORIFIC VALUE MIN 5,850 kcal/kg NCV  5,300 kcal/kg NCV
TOTAL MOISTURE (ARB) 12,0% max  14,0% max
VOLATILE MATTER (ARB) 22,0% min  22,0% max
ASH (ARB) 15.0% max  23.0% max
SULPHUR (ARB) 1,0% max 1,0% max
HGI 45-70 45-70
IDT (Reducing Atmosphere) Min 1,250° C Min 1,250° C
CARLIUM OXIDE IN ASH (DB) 12.0% max  12.0% max


All COAL transactions - These basic Procedures below must please be adhered to:

  • Buyers sign NCNDA

  • Buyers issue Proper LOI to the Mine / Sol Tech Solutions (PTY) LTD.

  • The Mine probes the Buyers account to verify sufficient funds

  • Sellers (the mine) issue Contract and Invoice to the Sellers 

  • Buyers sign Contract and Invoices

  • Viewing of Product (POP) at the mine (when necessary / applicable) 

  • Contract is honored by the Mine and Coal is transferred as per the Contract to the Coast/ Buyers lift the Coal as per Loading Instructions