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Quality in the Local Market

The coal sold in the local market is classified as:

A Grade Coal CV 27.5 +  Mj/kg
B Grade Coal  CV 26.5 -27.5  Mj/kg
C Grade Coal  CV 25.5 -26.5  Mj/kg
D Grade Coal  CV 24.5 -25.5  Mj/kg
E Grade Coal CV 23.5 -24.5 Mj/kg

Typical Local Coal Specifications

The typical coal types sold in the local market are:

Spiral 0 x 3mm
Duff  0 x 8mm
Brickmaker Duff:  0 x 10mm
Grains:  6 x 12mm
 Peas:  12 x 25mm
Small Nuts:  25 x 45mm
 Large Nuts:  45 x 80mm


All COAL transactions - These basic Procedures below must please be adhered to:

  • Buyers sign NCNDA

  • Buyers issue Proper LOI to the Mine / Sol Tech Solutions (PTY) LTD.

  • The Mine probes the Buyers account to verify sufficient funds

  • Sellers (the mine) issue Contract and Invoice to the Sellers 

  • Buyers sign Contract and Invoices

  • Viewing of Product (POP) at the mine (when necessary / applicable) 

  • Contract is honored by the Mine and Coal is transferred as per the Contract to the Coast/ Buyers lift the Coal as per Loading Instructions